Sunday, August 27, 2017

Documents found on Kansas Trip

On my trip to Jewell County, Kansas I found the time to visit the County Clerks office. Unfortunately, the time I found was not nearly enough to examine all the documents I wanted to, but I did still find some interesting ones I thought I would share today.

The first document is this marriage certificate between my 3rd great grandparents: William F. Byers and Annie Neese. They are also known on other documents as William Franklin Byers and Susanna Nees. Since William Franklin Byers was born on March 17, 1857 and Susanna Nees was born on the 21st of August, 1868, William was 28 years old and Annie just 18 when they married on the 11th of February, 1886. While it's certainly not the largest age difference I have seen, it is a fairly sizeable one. At the time of their marriage, both of them were living in Jewell County. They were married in Mankato with Ira C. Kyle as their probate judge.

I'll warn you the images from this point onward are lower quality. In the interest of time, I took them with my cell phone camera.

These are from the birth record books. One thing I found to be quite interesting was that Julius Wesselowski (my 2nd great grandpa) delivered most of the babies in Jewell County, Kansas during the time he was there.

For instance, this is the birth record of my great grandma, Helen Byers. You can see that she was delivered by Julius:
Her entry is 2nd from the bottom. These are the full details:

  • Date of Return: June 1909
  • Sex: Female
  • Number child of this mother: 1
  • Day of birth: the 13th
  • Place of Birth: Browns Creek
  • Mothers Name: Etta Coffield
  • Fathers Name: Walter Byers
  • Returned by: J. Wesselowska, Jewell
I also found the birth record for Wilton William Byers and Winnie Bell Byers, Fraternal twin children of William Byers and Susanna Nees:
They are the last entry on the page. These are the full details:
  • Sex: Male Female
  • Birth Date: Sept 24, 1899
  • Birth Place: Athens Twp.
  • Nationality of Father: American
  • Age of Father: 41
  • Name of Mother: Anna Bylos
  • Maiden Name of Mother: Anna Nees
  • Name of Father: Wm. Bylos
  • Occupation of Father: Farmer
You'll also notice that on the same page is the birth record for Clifford Nees, the son of Cyrus Nees and Mary Conn. These are the full details:
  • Sex: Male
  • Birthdate: Aug. 18, 1899
  • Birth Place: Calvin twp.
  • Nationality of Father: American
  • Age of Father: 34
  • Age of Mother: 24
  • Name of Mother: Mary Nees
  • Maiden Name of Mother: Mary Conn
  • Name of Father: Cyrus Nees
  • Occupation of Father: Farmer
While these aren't all the birth records I found, they are the only ones I am absolutely certain of at this time. I also found This record for Helen Byers Wesselowski. It has to do with her share of Etta Byers's Estate after her death:
Let me know if you recognize any names or found any of these useful to your research in the comments!

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